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Vinyl Floor Planks

Can you tell the difference? Today’s premium vinyl tile manufacturers are producing ultra-realistic woodgrain planks that mimic real wood very closely – and they’ve started a trend! Vinyl floor planks are the hottest indoor commercial product of the year, and it’s easy to see why.

New photo printing technology has given premium vinyl tile manufacturers the ability to reproduce the look of actual wood very closely. This high-resolution, full-color printing process can replicate all types of woodgrain, from oak to walnut, from bird’s-eye maple to antique or weathered wood.

Registered embossing completes the illusion allowing the surface texture to replicate the graining of the wood image beneath. The resulting interplay of light and shadow complete the perception of real wood.

Now your project can have the look of natural wood with all of the advantages of cost-effective, easy-to-maintain vinyl!
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Today’s luxury vinyl tiles are available in a number of different shapes. Square tiles are, of course, still one of the most popular, but the range of options is much larger. Hexagonal tiles have a history stretching back centuries, perhaps modelled on the natural shape of beehive honeycombs. Hexagons provide a lot of scope for geometric designs and look great in two contrasting colors. Parallelogram shaped tiles can be used to create visually arresting Escher landscapes in two colors, or multi-colored waves, for a 3-D cube effect.


Planks are gaining in popularity not only for woodgrain tiles, but also for solids and patterns. One way to create a unique floor is to mix and match tile shapes and/or colors. Lay a row of square tile followed by a row of planks in rainbow hues.


Using tile shapes in unique ways can be visually arresting. Let your imagination be your guide.

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